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TreasureMap is a curated list of all Treasure and $MAGIC-related projects.

Treasure Map

Access to a community of early adopters in just a few clicks

Submit your project in minutes and find early adopters. Perfect for projects that don't have a personal website.

It's entirely free

No registration fees or paywalls. Submit your project in seconds.

Find early adopters

Early adopters love to be part of the community at its beginning. This is the place to find them.

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The Hunter

Get early insight to the latest Treasure / Arbitrum projects

TreasureMap provides you with a curated list of the latest Treasure, Smolverse or Arbitrum projects that are currently in the concept building or launch phase.

Access the latest projects

Looking for the newest projects that are on Arbitrum, or Treasure Endorsed? You have come to the right place.

From early access to whitelists

Get early access to discords, with the correct information pointing to official links and info.

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Treasure Chest Goooooold

That which is Treasure,

and that which is not.

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